Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Save your gas!

Fuel efficiency is one of the most popular concerns of car owners. As the price of fuel keeps rising in the world market, it becomes mandatory for everyone to find ways on how to possibly save on gas. Here are good tips to follow:
1. Make sure that your car is running perfectly.
Cars that have problem motors are likely to use more gas. Have your car checked on a regular basis to keep it in shape. Tune ups should be done right on schedule. This way, you can keep your car from consuming more gas than it has to.
2. Use the air conditioner sparingly.
The air conditioning system of your car uses gasoline as well. This fact should force you not to use the air conditioner system when not necessary. If it is rather cold outside, why not roll down the window a bit and enjoy some fresh air? This is especially advisable on short rides. If that's not possible, try to wait for the temperature inside the car to go down and then switch to fan mode right after.
3. Don't over inflate your tires.
Tires that are filled over the required pressure tend to reduce the fuel efficiency of your car. Always check the pressure of the tire before driving. If you have to fill your tire with air, make sure that you don't go over the limit.
4. Idle engine uses gas.
Don't leave your car's engine on idle if you will be gone for quite some time. Some people park their car and leave the engine on. This is not a good practice, even if you have somebody watching your car. You might also want to turn off the engine if the traffic is so worse every stop is more than 5 minutes worth of wait.
5. Don't drive too fast.
Driving too fast consumes more gas than driving within acceptable speeds. You should have known that already. Every time you accelerate, you step on the gas. That means you're using more fuel if you are unnecessarily driving too fast. Unless you're in a race, remind yourself that speed limit doesn't mean minimum speed.
6. Consider your gas choices thoroughly.
When you go the gas station, there are different types of gas to choose from - unleaded, premium, and all other types of car fuel that may or may not be compatible with your car. Know the type of fuel your car needs. Your car would run with unleaded gasoline as good as the more expensive ones. Just be sure not to load up on diesel or LPG if your car runs on gasoline. Doing so would ruin your car. Consult your manual for reference.
7. Choose fuel efficient cars.
If you really want to save gas, you might want to change your car entirely into another model that is known to be real fuel efficient. Cars that are made to run fast tend to consume more gas than cars with less whistles and horns. Know the car's expected mileage per gallon straight from its dealer.

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